Top Features That Every Business Website Needs to Achieve Success

Websites can be powerful marketing tools for advertising your products and services effectively online and today most businesses are using unique and innovative strategies to attract their visitors. Most consumers prefer to do online research about the company or business before purchasing the products. Especially for enterprises operating on small margins, websites can be a cost-effective way of advertising and provide a better return on investment. However, websites need to be customized depending on the specific needs and goals of every business to engage their customers and motivate them to buy their products.

How can websites enhance the value of your business?

According to Verisign statistics, 84% of the customers are of the view that websites can bring greater credibility to every business than having a social media page. Websites can be a powerful platform for companies to position their brand and establish a communication channel between their customers. Furthermore, it makes sense for businesses to have a presence, where they can find most of their potential leads and get referrals.

Here are some of the key reasons to have a business website

  • Websites help to reach your target audience

Websites are crucial for expanding your business presence and they can be found easily by visitors using an online search. Especially, search engine optimization used effectively may enable you to reach your leads using targeted search phrases to help them find your products and services quickly. Websites with relevant and high-quality content can be useful in engaging visitors and may be easily discovered by search engines and people thereby increasing its rankings.

  • Websites help to boost communication with customers

Companies need to attract people to buy their products and services and having a website makes it easy for them to generate leads easily compared to having a physical store. You can use specific calls to action to generate business leads by having a website that may be used to prompt visitors to provide their contact information. Calls to action may be used to prompt visitors to fill contact form that provides a list of potential people who may turn into leads or customers.

  • Websites are essential for business promotion

Business websites are useful as they help in providing information about your business and showcase their products and services. There are many ways to display your business on the website by sharing blogs on informative topics pertaining to your products and services including customer testimonials that enable them to make quick and informed purchase decisions.

Which are the essential features that websites need to have to attain success?

Websites that need to be successful must have a professional look and design as well as offer a smooth and seamless navigation experience to its visitors. Usability is a key factor for the success of every business website and must be given due importance while designing any website.

Let us look at the top factors that need to be considered by every business while designing their website:

Precise and well-organized information architecture

One of the major factors that can make or break your website is the way in which the information is laid out and presented to your visitors. Since most websites offer plenty of information and resources, it’s necessary to plan every page and website section in a clear and concise manner to make it easy for users to comprehend the essential information. Make sure to format your content and make it more relevant to the needs of your website visitors. Use headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, and bullets to break the text and make it easy and interesting for your online visitors.

Create an impressive website

The design of the website plays an important role in driving targeted visitors to your website. A cluttered website full of text and images can distract your users away and make it more confusing for them. It is good to experiment with different images and graphics and ensure that they are not too big as they can increase your website loading time and reduce the speed. Use the right blend of text, images, SEO, and white spaces with a focus on easy navigation to attract more visitors.

Focus on providing website security

Most business websites are prone to cyber threats and the best way to safeguard your website is by having an SSL certification. Especially if have an eCommerce store and want to build trust and confidence in your customers, it is recommended to secure your website using an SSL certificate. Wildcard SSL certificates can be a good option for enterprises as it is cost-effective and helps to secure multiple domains at the same time. Even Google prefers websites with SSL encryption and provides a slight boost to your rankings on the SERP.

Create a mobile responsive site

Smartphones and mobiles have greater chances to increase traffic for your website and in the coming years, the usage of these devices is likely to grow drastically which means that your website needs to cater to this segment of the audience. The focus needs to be on having a responsive design for your mobile with optimized content and well-formatted text. It must be easy for mobile users to navigate your website and if necessary, communicate instantly using your mobile site.

Display correct contact information

Apart from having relevant and high-quality content, your website needs to drive visitors to take specific actions to convert them into leads. Most visitors are looking for the product or service-related information on the website and if you can answer their questions, you can win their confidence and position your brand effectively. In addition, there might be visitors looking for a vital piece of information including store location, phone number, or email id to reach out to your business for further information. Thus, it’s important to make sure you make it easy for them to find your contact info and share all the essential information.


In this digital era, websites are a key representation of your brand and hence the businesses must lay emphasis on designing smart, content-rich and secure websites to turn visitors into their brand advocates.

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