Terra Lunc Poker Grant Proposal (Updated)

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New On-Chain Proposal available for voting.

What does it mine for community? Does Terra Dev. wont to attack more user to ecosystem or to make more money for burn Lunc?

Check buy your self….

(Updated : This is the correct proposal live for voting) Terra Poker is the first Texas Hold’em style Poker based Play-to-Earn protocol on the Terra Blockchain. Our mission is to leverage the game of poker to attract users to the Terra Ecosystem for its revival. The underlying proposal highlighted in the forum discussion in summary is: we have demonstrated with a track record of already working and highly used products, and continuously making progress to the next big milestones. The purpose of the fund is to help cover costs in the unexpected prolonged bear market. As one of the most significant contributors to the Ecosystem by all metrics, we are requesting a grant of 300,000 LUNA, vested over 3 months of 100K. The allocation of fund is 40% in Operational and Infrastructure, 60% in Wages. The full details of the proposal can be read here: https://agora.terra.money/discussion/8783-terra-poker-community-grant-proposa A “Yes” vote on this proposal indicates a “Yes” to funding Terra Poker at the request above.

Link: https://station.terra.money/proposal/3795 

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Terra Lunc Poker Grant Proposal (Updated)

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