Stay updated on the tips to improve your site SEO in 2020

There are several key areas to address if you are looking to rank your site higher at the Google SERPs. It is more than optimizing your title and descriptions. But it is a start as it will allow users to understand your campaign and generate the much-needed incoming traffic. In the following post, we will take a look at the vital tips that you need to optimize your site according to the standards of 2020 and beyond. It is also crucial to consult and plan your approach with a professional search marketing company to get the best guidance about optimizing your site.

Take a look at the Google Ads

Google Ads will allow you to create optimized titles as well as description tags to rank higher at the search engine results page or the SERPs. If you are looking to optimize the site perfectly, then you will need to go through hundreds of A/B testing as well as spend a lot of money on the R&D. With Google Ads, you can gauge the pattern of usage and the approach for drafting the title and the tags. According to experts if you are looking to rank as high as the first page of the results, then you need to take your time and invest in Google Ads.

About the Google mobile-first index

Mobile is slowly taking over the internet, and according to statistical data, more than 50% of the internet searches originate from mobile and other handheld devices. This is going to increase further because of the fact that Google algorithms these days prioritize mobile users. It is expected of a business concern or a service provider to design a website that is optimized for smaller screens and resolutions, as seen for the mobile devices.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that Google will stop crawling and indexing the desktop website. According to experts, it just means that Google bots will still scan desktop sites, but if a mobile-friendly website version is present with the same URL, then your site will obviously rank higher in the SERPs.

It is also crucial to understand that it is not about the “m. version” of the website. Instead, you should pool your resources to devise a specific iteration of the site that will work uniformly across all platforms. A responsive website will help achieve this better. With responsive design, the website will not only will load faster on low-resolution devices but also deliver the same experience across all platforms.

Do not Ignore Web Security:

From all the above tips, it is quite essential to look at website security because after Google’s enforcement of HTTPS/SSL certificate for each website has changed the web world scenario. So, make your SEO oriented website by keeping web security in mind. Now, the question is which SSL certificate (HTTPS) is best for your website. The answer is it should fit with the site’s requirement. You need to check a number of domains and website type before to get an SSL certificate. However, wildcard SSL, multi-domain SSL, single domain, UCC certificate are few SSL certificate types available in the market.

Once you enable an SSL certificate on your website, Google will consider it a ranking factor thus, it helps SEO and customers too. Customers will have security for their credentials and financial information. Customers would like to deal with safe site and at present, browsers also recommend HTTPS-enabled sites. A plain HTTP site will show a warning and customers will quickly move from such site. Another thing to consider is when you purchase an SSL certificate; you should search for the best price offer over the web. There are many cheap SSL certificates available from reputed brands that may suit your website. For example, a website with many subdomains pertaining to the main domain can be secured with a cheap SSL wildcard certificate.

About the content

This is to make sure that you understand that the need for content is still high, and there is nothing that can replace the necessity of content altogether. You will always need high quality and valuable content that are informative and exciting as far as the users are concerned. Keep in mind that the content should be easily accessible across all platforms. You need to include the videos and image files along with all the textual content and optimize for all types of user platforms. Always keep in mind to include the attributes for every image and content files.

Data structuring and meta-data

When you are looking to structure data, then keep in mind that the same mark-up is required for the desktop as well as the mobile version of the website. It is also crucial to understand that meta-data is also vital when it comes to higher ranking at the SERPs. Always maintain the character length as well as avoid keyword overuse.

The importance of XML and media sitemaps

Sitemaps are incredibly crucial and more so for the mobile versions of the site. The sitemap will include Robots.txt as well as the privacy policy check. According to our experts, you must employ a mobile-friendly test tool to make sure that your site is mobile friendly. Various developer tools can also be used to create a mobile-friendly website. Hire your experts if you want additional guidance about your project. Make sure that you perform extensive testing for the mobile as well as the desktop version. Additionally, test the loading times for the site to make sure that the website will load even under higher pings from a bad internet connection.

About long form content

Does long form content work? Yes, it does, and it is getting more relevant as the world around us develops even further. According to experts, long form content will produce higher search rankings, and that is the truth. But you need to keep in mind that it is not as simple as it first seems. Long form contents tend to earn higher quality “backlinks” and therefore allow the search rankings to improve dramatically.

This is all because the long form content has a higher value proposition than the shorter counterparts. As the usefulness of content increases, the “shareability” of the content also increases. So instead of cramming your website with short bits of information, it is essential to put in all the information to make content useful, educative and relevant to the users. This theory is proved by the fact that anyone can write bite-size articles and stubs that contain little to no information. This is why it is essential to add value to the content and provide all the necessary information at one place to make the site extremely relevant and useful to the consumers.

About online tools

Various online tools will allow you to refine all the necessary keyword strategies that you have employed in the past. With proper review and experts’ help, you can design better strategies that work in the present day and age. Keep in mind that you need to satisfy the user intent, boost the engagement and make sure all your strategies have one common goal, which is to increase the ranking at the search results page. Utilize all the tools available for CDNs, plugins, caching as well as the organization of CSS and script files to design a truly effective SEO campaign.

That concludes the list of all the major trends and the modifications that you need to keep in mind with the SEO updates and optimization tricks 2020 for successfully running tech blog or websites.

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