Latest trends in computer technology – the growth is unstoppable in 2020

Technology trend is mainly a skill associated with mindfulness of technology with its recent popularity among masses. The users get the chance to recognize and fully understand the usefulness of such major technology, designed to determine the success of the said business. This growth in any particular computing technology can always be targeted as either an opportunity or just a threat to an individual firm. Either way, this awareness skill will serve mostly as major asset. Ideal awareness skills will mean the ability of the person to correspond to industrial wide technology adoption or just trying to surpass the previous growth.

This growth in technology is pretty important:
No matter whichever industry you are in, the beauty and importance of computing technology and its growth is undeniable. Keeping up with the changing technology is really important and there are reasons for such trends to follow. There are various areas where technology trend-based awareness skills will work magically for your overall improvement.

It helps in enhancing the current visibility to customers. As per one survey stated, over 2 billion people are currently using mobile phones for accessing the internet. Technology, these days, has actually been a promising part of all lives and it is extending on a daily basis. So, your notable customers can use any form of technology and anywhere they want. This trend awareness helps you to identify what attracts your customers the most, so that you can easily incorporate the same in your profile.

Following up with the technology trends will work out well for you as it helps in increasing opportunities to work well with new ventures and ideas. Technology trend and its awareness will not just help you with marketing but it increases opportunities to just improve some other areas too. One such example is “lean manufacturing.” You get the opportunity to adopt some new trending technologies without any technology-centric business. Moreover, you can start new technology venture of your own for adding up some extra revenue opportunities right away. Get to know more on why you should keep up with technology trends from

Trending technologies for 2020 to work out on:
You might have heard of this phrase, “change is only constant.” Well, the same goes for the life of computer technology. So, trying to level up yourself with knowledge relating to latest tech trends can work out pretty well in shaping up your career in the most promising manner, to say the least.

RPA – Robotic Process Automation:
Want to learn more about Robotic Process Automation? Well, for that, the online training centers are proud to offer you with RPA training, just to help you be well-versed in this technical field. Right now, any form of desk job in any industrial sector will involve tasks, which are repetitive in nature and can be widely automated. RPA helps you to automate such repetitive and routine tasks without making it a big of a deal. The best part is that you don’t need to write any form of code to automate the present repetitive tasks.

Hadoop and Big Data:
As it is a known platform, Big Data mainly refers to the problems, which are well associated with storing and processing various forms of data. Right now, majority of the firms are actually relying on big data analytics for gaining huge insights into the world of product research, customers and marketing initiatives, to name a few. For solving most of the Big Data problems, you have Spark and Hadoop as the best examples to consider.

Internet of Things:
Perhaps, this isn’t the first time you are hearing about Internet of Things, preferably known as IoT. It has become a full technology ecosystem on its own. IoT is mainly known to connect multiple devices to create a virtual network where everything seems to work in a seamless manner through a single monitoring center. It is one giant network of the connected devices, which are defined to gather and share data about ways they are used and environments in which they are proficiently operated.

I-Apps or Intelligent Apps:
I-Apps are mainly defined as software pieces, primarily written for mobile devices. These apps are based on AI and the field of machine learning technology, with an aim to make daily chores more convenient. This form of service will involve a multitude of tasks like not just organizing emails but prioritizing the same, scheduling some meets, logging content and interactions, and more. Some examples, which you might have heard before, are virtual assistants and Chatbots.

Catching up with the world of Artificial Intelligence:
AI has been in this world for a long time and still remains to be one of the major technological developments to have taken place. It actually affects the way you play, live and work. To top it all, AI came up with its own branches, which will be including Machine Learning. AI mainly refers to computer systems, created for mimicking human intelligence and even performs some tasks like pattern speeches, image recognition and decision making. AI is designed to perform the tasks a lot faster and rather accurately when compared to human brains. And one of the most important innovation in artificial intelligence is facial recognition technology.

•Most people are known to be using AI services in any form on a daily basis. It will include streaming services, navigation apps, ride sharing apps, smartphone-based personal assistants and home personal assistants. There are other ventures revolving around the world of smart home devices.

•Other than consumer use, AI is widely used for scheduling trains, assessing the business risk and predicts maintenance. It is one of the ways to improve the present energy efficiency among some of the other noteworthy money saving tasks.

•AI, also referred as automation, is one hot topic these days, mainly because of concerns surrounding job loss that will follow thereafter. Automation is surveyed to eliminate around 73 million jobs by 2030. But, automation is not just eliminating jobs but also creating some as well.

Hike in the field of 5G networks:
5G networks are on a hike these days and it helps in increasing the ability to move, manipulate and even analyze the current data across the field of wireless platforms. With 5G rolling out to be an accomplishing task these days, it helps in developing some complex apps for solving problems and increasing growth across various industries.

•Thanks to the development in the field of 5G, businesses are likely to get the chance to impact technologies in a much more profound manner with wireless speed and latency, as needed for covering complex solutions such as driverless vehicles.

•On the other hand, when deployed fully geographically, 5G will get the opportunity to help the emerging markets realize the same business speed as their mature counterparts. Solution providers get the chance to develop 5G based solutions for some specified industrial applications with early mover and profitable advantages.

Majority of the organizations these days are actually exploring and implementing the field of Blockchain for solving increased needs for securing and managing transactions across the world, although Blockchain is not holding the place it once held in the internet. When the luster of novelty is out of question, the working dynamic around this technological growth has taken a U turn but only for the best, to say the least!

World of autonomous devices:
Once you are done dealing with drones and robots, autonomous vehicles are the next on our list of innovations under category “Autonomous things.” Autonomous vehicles will help automate functions that are currently being performed by people. This trend is anticipated to go much further than basic automation, given the rigid programmable models that stands for its support. AI is now proficiently implemented for developing some advanced behavior and the interaction, at present, takes place in a more natural manner with the available environment and its selected users.

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