June 2023 Work Progress Report: Kaspa Block Reward Reduction, Nexa Pool Testing

June Report

Kaspa Block Reward Adjustment

As part of Kaspa’s ongoing emission schedule, June marked another milestone for the mining community affiliated with Kaspa. As per the schedule, the reward for mining each block experienced a further reduction. From June onwards, the block reward was reduced from 220 KAS to 207.65 KAS, aligning with the Chromatic Phase of Kaspa’s monetary policy, which incorporates a systematic decrease in block rewards over a specific timeframe.


This shift is a key aspect of Kaspa’s distinctive monetary approach, specifically crafted to maintain a balanced distribution of KAS while supporting the network’s lasting viability. Such alterations are fundamental to the network’s development and fidelity to its established timeline. At 2Miners, our unwavering dedication is to assist miners throughout these modifications, ensuring an effective and rewarding mining platform. To keep abreast of these crucial changes, miners are encouraged to regularly check the Kaspa Emission Schedule.

Nexa Pool Testing

In June, 2Miners mining pool continued to innovate by exploring new blockchain technologies. We’ve added a new project to our portfolio, Nexa. Nexa is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency network designed to be significantly more scalable than other blockchains, targeting global capacity to support over 10 billion transactions per day. It offers unique solutions to the key bottlenecks of bandwidth, speed, and storage, aiming to make transactions nearly instantaneous and remarkably cost-effective. Nexa also features native tokens and NFTs, and employs a unique proof-of-work algorithm to boost transaction validation speed.


As we embrace this next step in our development, we’ve successfully installed Nexa node version This installation is a fundamental process in the creation of the Nexa mining pool. Currently, the pool is in the testing phase, with our team diligently ensuring its smooth operation and performance.

2Miners is set to offer Nexa mining in both PPLNS and SOLO modes. This flexibility allows our miners to choose the mode that best suits their mining strategy. We are proud to announce that the launch is planned for the beginning of July, so get ready to join us in this exciting new endeavor.

If you want to start using 2Miners Nexa Pools straigh away without waiting for the official release, join our Telegram chats. Our admins will be more than happy to assist you.

We are always committed to offering convenience and flexibility to our community, and as such, we’re also planning to add Bitcoin (BTC) payments for Nexa later on. This move will expand the available options for receiving your mining rewards.

As the Nexa network continues to grow, we at 2Miners are excited to be part of this journey. Stay tuned for the upcoming launch and get ready to mine Nexa with 2Miners.

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