July 2023 Work Progress Report: New Coin Nexa, Kaspa Geo Servers

July Work Progress Report

Nexa in 2Miners

In July, we expanded our mining pool options at 2Miners by introducing Nexa. This innovative cryptocurrency quickly became popular among miners, consistently ranking as one of the top profitable coins according to our mining profitability calculator at 2CryptoCalc.com.


At 2Miners, we aim to provide the best mining experience, offering both PPLNS and SOLO mining options for Nexa. As of now, payouts are exclusively available in NEXA, but we’re excited to announce that we’re gearing up to launch BTC payouts for NEXA miners in the upcoming weeks. This step aims to increase flexibility for our miners, catering to diverse payout preferences.

For additional details on mining Nexa, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide – How to Mine Nexa with GPU: Mining Settings and Profitability. This blog post gives you all the information you need about Nexa mining, covering everything from mining settings to how profitable it can be.

Kaspa Mining Updates

US and Asia Kaspa Servers

In our continuous efforts to enhance your mining experience on 2Miners, we’ve made several significant updates to our Kaspa (KAS) mining operations this month.

We expanded our global presence by launching servers in Asia and the US. Now, no matter where you are in the world – Europe, America, or Asia, we’ve got you covered. All our server locations are easily accessible and listed on both Kaspa mining pool main page and the Help page.


Best Mining Pool for Ice River KS0

We deployed a specific port tailored for Ice River KS0 miners. The dedicated server addresses are:

  • Europe: kas.2miners.com:2121
  • US: us-kas.2miners.com:2121
  • Asia: asia-kas.2miners.com:2121

This upgrade meets the specific needs of Ice River KS0 miners, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Miners in our Telegram chat have noted that with the new port, they see as low as 1% invalid shares. This is beneficial as it results in higher rewards due to the improved operation of their mining devices.


We also remind KS0 owners that 2Miners offers a unique advantage as we provide the flexibility to choose your preferred payment method. You can opt for payouts in either KAS or BTC while mining Kaspa. Start mining Kaspa.

KAS Block Reward Reduction

KASPA block reward decreased again in July, as planned in the KASPA Emission Schedule. The block reward has been reduced from 207.65 KAS to 195.99 KAS per block. We’ve updated the 2CryptoCalc mining profitability calculator accordingly, so you can plan your mining activities with the most recent data.

ERG and NEOX Reward Reduction

The ERGO (ERG) reward underwent a reduction recently. As per the Ergo emission schedule, the block reward for miners has been decreased from 39 ERG to 36 ERG. We advise miners to stay updated with these changes.

In the same vein, NEOXA (NEOX) has also experienced a reward reduction. With the activation of Smartnodes in the NEOXA network starting from block 622500, the block reward has been distributed between miners and smartnodes. As a result, the miner’s reward per block has been reduced to 2250 NEOX. More information regarding this change can be found on their Twitter. Please take note of these changes!

The 2CryptoCalc mining profitability calculator has been updated to reflect the new NEOX and ERG rewards.

New Mining Software

Our Quick Start Archive on 2Miners, which hosts all the necessary mining software for coins available in 2Miners pools along with ready-to-use bat-files, has received some updates. Users only have to change these bat-files by adding their personal wallet address. This makes the whole setup process much easier and faster.

Crypto coins on tribune

You can access this updated archive https://bit.ly/2miners-github
Archive password is 2miners

Here’s what’s new in our Quick Start Archive:

1. We’ve added new bat-files for NEXA tailored for both AMD and Nvidia.

2. We’ve updated several software versions including:

  • gminer 3.41
  • t-rex 0.26.8
  • lolminer 1.76
  • teamredminer 0.10.14
  • xmrig 6.20.0

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