How to Mine Neurai with GPU: Specs, Miner Setup, and Profitability

What is Neurai (XNA)?

Neurai (XNA) represents the next wave of digital cryptocurrencies designed to enhance and simplify the transaction experience. At its core, Neurai is built upon principles of decentralization, ensuring that users are provided a platform that’s beyond the control of any single entity. But what truly makes Neurai stand out is its commitment to speed, efficiency, and scalability.

Neurai employs the ASIC-resistant KAWPOW mining algorithm, a move that upholds the spirit of fairness in the crypto world. This choice of algorithm ensures that both individual miners and large mining operations have an even playing field, preventing any monopolization of mining power. Neurai claims to be not just another cryptocurrency but a thoughtful response to the needs of today’s crypto enthusiasts. More information about Neurai could be found on their official website.


Keep Your XNA Safe: Neurai Wallet Choices

Before you start mining, you need to have a place to store your XNA. Here are your options:

  • Official Neurai Wallet: This is the recommended choice for storing XNA. Designed specifically for Neurai, this wallet offers you maximum security.
  • Electrum: This wallet is less secure but you do not need to download the complete Neurai blockchain.
  • Exchanges or Vidulum Wallet: With Neurai gaining traction, many exchanges are now supporting it. One notable example is CoinEx, where you can easily generate an XNA address.


Trading Neurai: Exchanges and Price Info

The value of any cryptocurrency changes based on market conditions, demand, and several other factors. For updated info on Neurai’s price and market performance, websites like CoinMarketCap are a great resource.


  • Current Price: As of now, 1 XNA is valued at $0.0005083.
  • Total Supply: The circulating amount of Neurai is 6.67B XNA.
  • Maximum Supply: Neurai has a capped supply of 21B XNA, ensuring scarcity and potential value appreciation in the long run.
  • Market Position: With its current CoinMarketCap ranking at #2639, Neurai is still in its early stages of market adoption.

Getting Started with Neurai Mining

XNA is a Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency so the new coins are created and added to the network thanks to the mining process. Neurai uses the KAWPOW algorithm, which is also used by Ravencoin. The reason for using KAWPOW is simple: it’s designed to keep mining fair. By being resistant to ASIC miners, KAWPOW ensures that everyone has an equal chance of earning XNA coins, regardless of their setup.

Setting up your miner to work with 2Miners is easy. Here are the details you need for GPU-mining. Use to mine in the pool with other miners and to mine Solo. If in doubt always use pool mining option.

Settings for Gminer:
miner.exe --algo kawpow --server --user NihAfZynHrTtYPH8ZSUEhLSCVMstLSV5qN.RIG_ID

Settings for T-Rex:
t-rex.exe -a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u NihAfZynHrTtYPH8ZSUEhLSCVMstLSV5qN.RIG_ID -p x

When you start mining you see shares being accepted in your mining software and on


Please remember to substitute NihAfZynHrTtYPH8ZSUEhLSCVMstLSV5qN with your wallet address. RIG_ID is the arbitrary name of your mining rig. It is used only to show your statistics on 2Miners website.

XNA Nicehash Mining

Neurai uses KAWPOW mining algorithm supported by Nicehash mining rental service. These are the XNA mining settings if you rent the Nicehash hashrate. Please remember that you could always double-check the settings on XNA Help Page.

  • Custom pool name: 2Miners XNA
  • Algorithm: KAWPOW
  • Stratum hostname or IP:
  • Port: 6161
  • Password: x

For SOLO mining use

  • Stratum hostname or IP:
  • Port: 7171
  • XNA Mining on HiveOS and RaveOS

    HiveOS and RaveOS are specialized operating systems tailored for the needs of cryptocurrency miners. HiveOS, a Linux-based platform, offers a central dashboard with robust capabilities like overclocking tools and remote management, making it one of the community favorites for managing multiple mining rigs.

    On the other hand, RaveOS delivers an intuitive interface suitable for both newcomers and seasoned miners, facilitating smooth rig monitoring and management. For enthusiasts looking to mine Neurai (XNA), the good news is that both of these platforms support XNA mining, making the process streamlined and efficient. Whether you’re using HiveOS or RaveOS, you can take advantage of their features to optimize your XNA mining operations.

    Check the screenshot below for RaveOS Setup.


    Check the screenshot below for HiveOS Setup.


    Neurai (XNA) Mining Profitability

    Mining profitability is a crucial aspect to consider for any miner, and when it comes to Neurai (XNA), the potential returns can vary based on factors like hardware efficiency, electricity costs, and market prices. To get a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of XNA mining profitability use 2CryptoCalc. This profitability calculator allows users to input their specific rig details and calculate potential returns, providing a clearer picture of potential earnings.


    If you want to check you chances in XNA SOLO mining visit the Neurai page on 2CryptoCalc. Enter your hashrate and check how many Neurai blocks you could get daily. If the estimation is less than 1-2 blocks, we do not recommend you SOLO mining.

    When it comes to payouts, 2Miners supports only XNA coins for Neurai mining. This means you can’t get payouts in BTC or other coins. Make sure your wallet is set up to receive XNA.

    Adding Neurai to 2Miners is a step forward in our mission to offer the best mining opportunities to our community. We believe in the potential of Neurai and encourage our miners to explore this new opportunity. As always, we’re here to help if you have questions or need support. Follow us on Twitter or join our Telegram Chat. Happy mining!

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